Invasion of the Eradicoids

The first version of Invasion of the Eradicoids is available for download! It has been loads of fun working on this project and I’m excited to finally share it. I know that for a game it is very simple but it is mine and I am proud of it. I do have plans to expand upon it, but getting it stable and working with a playable level is what I would call my first milestone.

With this project milestone accomplished I am thinking of doing something similar with my other game prototypes. Taking these simple games, adding features and artwork in order to create a polished basic version that I can then share online. Ideally, I would complete them enough to monetize through online stores, but I have no illusions as to the work that would be involved in such an task. I simply want to make them into shareable personal projects first.

So for now I’ll be focusing on the next thing, which most likely will be my artwork and animation. Until my next post, please enjoy briefly playing Invasion of the Eradicoids on my brand new Games section of my website!

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