Mr Claws Rig and 3D Art

Presenting my new rig, Mr. Claws. I’ve always thought dragons are cool and my goal this time was to create a rig that had digitigrade legs and a procedural expression for animating the tail. I modeled this in ZBrush to save time on the modeling side of things but I found doing retopology in zbrush and through other software to be less than perfect so I think in the future I’ll create a low poly model in Maya then import it into ZBrush for creating the normal/deformation maps. I also started learning how to make better renders and I am absolutely loving the results!


I’ll definitely be making many more CG renders and sharing them. I was even thinking I would sometimes forego rigging to create still CG art because now I can these really beautiful renders!

Please enjoy this short demo of the new Mr Claws rig!

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