Flyer Hydrant – Release and Cutscenes

We recently took our most up to date version of Flyer Hydrant to the Calarts Expo to let people play the game! It was an exciting and exhausting experience but people seemed to enjoy what our game had to offer.


Coming up to that deadline I was busy putting together our cut-scenes that would play before and after the levels. I’m happy with how they turned out so I’m posting some of my favorites to share here on my blog!


Many of the cut-scenes incorporated pans in order to save time on storytelling.



It was an interesting experience making so much art in so little time.



There was much more of course but I didn’t want to flood my site with absolutely everything. This was mainly the pieces I was most proud of, like I said. So, I hope you enjoyed it!

The game will be releasing in the next month or so on the Android Store! So keep your peepers peeled for that. I’ll also be making a post on here when its released.

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